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The Law Offices of Mike Young approach Probate and Estate Administration practice the same way we do the rest of our work: with compassion first and foremost. Often people come to us having just lost a relative, intimidated by the probate process. It is our job to set them at ease, break probate into smaller, more manageable pieces, and take care of the difficult parts for them.

"Probate" refers to the process by which a court appoints an individual to administer and distribute the assets of a deceased individual. We will examine the will and assets in the estate to determine the best probate process to use. Smaller estates may be able to use less costly administrations such as a small estate affidavit or muniment of title.

Often, before anyone's passing, we begin managing estates and begin estate planning so that the probate process will be quick and painless for the surviving family. To accomplish this, the following are frequently used: wills, trusts, special needs trusts, and powers of attorney.

If your loved one has already passed away, you will need a probate attorney's help with the courts immediately. We will work to ensure that any titles are transferred to surviving spouses or children. Attorney Mike Young has worked in this area of law his entire career and has been devoted to helping senior citizens as Texas Probate Lawyer. He and his staff know the law and how to walk people through their legal situations in a careful and understanding way.

To arrange for an initial consultation with Mike Young or his staff, call his firm at 325-672-5100.